Satisfaction Guarantee

What does “satisfaction guaranteed” mean for Sparkly?
If you are unhappy with your cleaning, we will come back free of charge to fix the things you are unhappy with. We are not perfect.

Are there stipulations?

01 You must notify Sparkly within 24 hours of the end of the cleaning
02 The unhappiness and the fixes must be related to the scope

So, you’ll come back the same day?
Most likely not. Occasionally we might be able to come back the same day. However, it’s not guaranteed. What we will guarantee is we’ll remedy the situation by sending someone back at our first opening in the schedule.

We also have a “no bully” policy…
Sparkly is against bullying of all sorts. We do not bully clients and we do not accept clients who bully companies or people who work at companies.

Do you offer discounts or free cleanings instead?
No. The satisfaction we’re committing to is a clean home, not free cleanings.

But I paid a premium price and I want my money back?
Please do not hire us if you feel our rates are premium prices (also, please do not hire us if you enjoy berating people on the phone or via email – as mentioned, we have a no bully policy).

Having anyone feel like selecting Sparkly is a questionable financial decision is the last thing we want. If the cleaning price seems too steep, we encourage you to find a national competitor. Many franchises can offer introductory rates in exchange for a 12 month contract. We don’t believe in low introductory rates only to bait and switch you with a higher one. We also don’t believe in contracts. The Premium Cleaning is not a premium price. The Premium Cleaning involves services that are not included in the Standard Cleaning and is a “get to know you cleaning,” thus, taking more time in a home.

What if I don’t want you to come back?
If someone is disappointed with their cleaning, as members of the human race and fellow travelers on this journey of life, we’ll be equally disappointed to hear that. It unfortunately does not mean your cleaning is free. We’re not trying to be harsh about this. We’re just trying to be transparent. And, in the spirit of that transparency, we’ve encountered and discovered some people who hire a new cleaning company each month with no intent of paying from the beginning. This isn’t everyone and this is most likely not you. However, as a small and local business, we need to focus on the service we provide, and the service we provide is cleaning. So, if you truly are looking for a clean home, then please let us come back and take care of that for you. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and everyone is human.

Hmmm, I don’t know what I think about this…
That’s okay. We want to be the right fit for the right people. Many of our customers who come to us have had poor experiences with cleaning companies. We also have had our fair share of experiences where we’ve been taken advantage of as a small business. The relationships that work best for us are ones that…

01 Are honest
02 Are nice
03 Understand the human factor
04 Are willing to let people make things right

Who do I need to contact?
Please contact the owners at or call 414.581.1555.