Dust Bites

work well from home

With remote positions being more popular than ever, it can be helpful to start on a solid foundation as you enter the day / work week. Here are a few tips to work well from home. 01. Start your [...]

laundry day

Here are a few tips for making laundry day a bit more efficient. Washing clothes… + Try a shorter wash cycle if clothes aren’t extremely soiled. The longer cycles are really intended for heavily [...]

healthy home rituals

Small rituals can make a big difference. Implement a few or all of these to have a happy and healthy home. 01 Family time. Keep the screens away from the dinner table or game night to be present [...]

purify with plants

We love these plants for air purification. Even better when they’re low maintenance and you don’t need a green thumb to keep them alive. Plus, who doesn’t like their home to feel like a little [...]

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