Lengthen Time Between Cleanings

Having your home professionally cleaned can be a luxury to put your mind at ease and make your home warm and welcoming, all while saving you time. Here are a few ways to extend that feeling by keeping your home tidy between cleanings.

01. Keep doormats at each entrance. Sounds super simple, but it can help a ton with what is tracked into your home. You could even do doormats in both spots – inside and outside of the doors. Watch the mats for a week and see what has been saved from entering your home space.

02. Rugs in high traffic areas. Especially in high-trafficked carpeted areas, it doesn’t take long for the carpet to look and feel matted down and dingy. A fun rug can brighten up the room and protect those areas even more.

03. Pick up as you go. When you are heading upstairs for something, look around and see if anything downstairs needs to be brought up and vice versa. This can prevent larger cleanups later.

04. Wash hands. This goes without saying, but especially after meals and snack time, have the kiddos wash up before the touch other surfaces in your home.

05. Daily chores. Have each family member touch one room per day. It should take less than 5 minutes and everyone feels better. If you’re living alone, touch one room per day all week and by the weekend you’ll feel more relaxed.

06. Dryer sheets are awesome for dust removal in a pinch. Run them across baseboards / high dust collection areas and you’ll notice a huge difference.

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