work well from home

With remote positions being more popular than ever, it can be helpful to start on a solid foundation as you enter the day / work week. Here are a few tips to work well from home.

01. Start your day with a to do list. Name the three main things you will accomplish that day and include lower priority or best case scenario to-dos. We all know the day can take a turn and isn’t always what we plan, but starting with a foundation is always helpful to organize the brain. If you’re super visual – handwrite the list so you can feel the satisfaction of literally crossing off items. Or if you’re more tech savvy, use a notepad on your computer – many of these tools sync from your phone so you can update it anywhere.

02. Get dressed and ready for the day. It’s so easy to skip showers and stay in pajamas or comfy clothes all day since you know no one will see you. However, there’s some energizing and confidence boosting from actually going through the motions of getting partially ready for the day. It also helps you create a container for work separate from just being at home lounging.

03. Be careful with your open door policy. It’s such a nice perk to be home, but when family & friends know your flexible schedule they may pop in unannounced and create distractions. Same with long personal phone calls throughout the day — yes, this is one of the perks of remote work, but can also make your days seem longer if you’re finishing well into dinner time. Healthy boundaries are extremely important in this setting. We all know what works for us.

04. Try to stick to somewhat of a schedule. It’s important to not feel as though work bleeds into everything else or your flexible / remote environment will start to breed resentment and the “all I do is work” attitude.

05. Have healthy snacks on hand. Since the kitchen will literally be only a few steps away, it’s even more important to snack mindfully. Try to stock up before entering the week. Or if you’re super busy arrange for a grocery delivery such as Instacart.

06. Find serenity. Maybe it’s a zen garden at your desk. An essential oil diffuser. Light gentle music. A few plants. A daily reading. These things can facilitate a safe and productive working environment and help keep anxiety at bay.

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