Here are a few tips for making laundry day a bit more efficient.

Washing clothes…

+ Try a shorter wash cycle if clothes aren’t extremely soiled. The longer cycles are really intended for heavily soiled or stained items.

+ You can throw down and feather pillows right into the washing machine. Make sure to wash on a delicate cycle and dry thoroughly before using.

+ You can also wash sports gear such as knee pads, shin guards and backpacks. Wash these items in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Drying clothes…

+ Try Permanent Press. This cycle has medium heat and a cool down period which is proven to help with creases. Make sure to catch it right when it dings to remove everything and make the most of it.

+ Speaking of dings…if you take items out 10 minutes before the cycle is done when they’re still slightly damp you can skip ironing. This works best on dress shirts, pants and school uniforms. Make sure to shake the items out and hang them up right away.

+ Make sure to clean out the lint filter after each use. Aside from it becoming a fire hazard, it can slow down the effectiveness of your dryer. If you’ve cleaned out the trap regularly and your dryer still seems slow, try to wash the filter in the sink with a small scrubbing brush and air dry it.

+ Another way to cut down on drying time is to invest in a set of wool dryer balls. They can also reduce wrinkles and static cling and you can add a few drops of essential oil to further enhance the freshness.

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