healthy home rituals

Small rituals can make a big difference. Implement a few or all of these to have a happy and healthy home.

01 Family time. Keep the screens away from the dinner table or game night to be present with one another. Even if your phone is next to you, each time you get a notification it’ll be a distraction that’ll pull you from the present moment.

02. Make your bed and encourage the whole family to participate. It only takes a few minutes and instantly makes your room and home feel more put together and organized. An organized home can reduce anxiety and the feeling of clutter.

03. Have a hamper for dirty clothes. How long does it take to toss stuff in there instead of spread all over the floor? Plus, it’ll make for easier trips to the washer and dryer 🙂

04. Let in the light. As you’re getting ready for the day, open the blinds and let the natural light on. On a beautiful day even open up the windows and air things out. Immediately your home feels fresh.

05. Keep the sink clear. No need for dishes to stack up if they’re washed or tossed in the dishwasher immediately. If you don’t have a dishwasher set yourself up with a drying rack and sponge/soap so it’s super easy to take care of on the spot.

06. Do a quick scan of your fridge / freezer at least once each week to eliminate old items. It makes the fridge more approachable when you’re looking for a healthy snack and helps keep it clean.

07. Remove shoes at the door. Create a designated space for shoes to hang out. Try to limit to one pair per family member and the rest can go in the closet when not in use. Not only will you limit toxins and debris tracked into your home but you’ll reduce clutter.

08. Shopping lists. When you finish the last of something in your home, make it your responsibly to write it on the list and encourage your family to do the same. Maybe leave the list on your fridge for all to see / contribute. That way each trip to the store is efficient.

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