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The pricing of home cleaning is fairly similar across cities.

Well, at least pricing as it relates to comparison amongst the same groups. Companies all fall within the same ballpark. Independent maids are close as well.

So, how do I, as a customer, stack these up?

Here are 4 things to consider when reviewing your options…

01 Insurance
Sparkly is not only bonded, but also has liability insurance and pays for workers compensation insurance for every single employee. So, whenever a cleaner from Sparkly is in your home, there are protections in place all meant to help you, the customer. What comes with this are extra costs.

We’d recommend asking the person or company you’re speaking with if they are insured and what that specifically means. Just saying “yes, we’re insured,” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected. Particularly if they have cleaners who are not actual employees. Speaking of…

02 Employees vs. Contractors
If a company sends cleaners to your home, but those cleaners are classified as contractors instead of employees, you might be at risk. Now, in this scenario, you’ll definitely pay less for the cleaning. Why? When companies classify cleaners as contractors, they avoid employer taxes, workers compensation insurance, bonding and liability insurance costs. So, the price might be lower, but the risk can at times be tough to bear.

It’s important to check with your company, or even an independent maid who brings a friend along how they classify their people.

03 Independent Maids
Ten times out of ten, we can’t compete with independent maid pricing. More often than not, independent maids do not have the protection that’s been referenced (workers compensation, bonding, liability insurance). Some do. But, even if they do, it’s best to ask for current certificates and clarify if the workers compensation is active. Independent maids are great to have the same person each time. What comes with that might be inconsistency in days (you only have one person) and / or increased risk. They work great for people with specific budgets who aren’t married to certain days for cleanings.

04 Profits
If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Introductory rates…deep cleanings for $80…assurances of an 88 point checklist. In short, everyone needs to have profit or else they wouldn’t sustain operations. Whether it’s a company or an individual on their own. Plus, perfect cleanings every single time are impossible. If there are crazy low introductory rates, it’s important to ask when that will go up. If the deep cleaning is $80, check if there are protections in place for you. If someone promises 100% perfection no matter what, it might be time to ask more questions.

With all this, the key thing Sparkly feels is important is honesty. We’re not perfect. We’re not the cheapest. We don’t have an 88 point checklist (well, we do have a checklist, and it’s probably closer to 50 points ;).

What we are is transparent, fair to our employees and a good value for the level of protection we have for our customers. And, if there’s ever anything you’re unhappy with, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

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