the sparkly house cleaning culture

Sparkly believes not all house cleaning companies are created equal.

So, it it only makes sense that not all cleaning technicians are either.

This is the ongoing and open-ended area for clients and cleaners to get a glimpse into the Sparkly culture. We’ll continually update this area with everything ranging from how to clean a tough kitchen to what kind of person is a good fit in our cleaning family.

Sparkly Core Values
We don’t want to be the best fit for everyone. We want to be the perfect fit for the perfect person. Here are the 4.5 key values Sparkly lives by…

01 Be Authentic: We’re not just talking about grocery store check-out honesty (yes, we know if you have more than 10 items or less). We’re talking about integrity. Mean what you say and say what you do. Everything starts with this foundation.

02 Be Helpful: Whether it’s coworkers or clients, having a positive and helping attitude is immensely important. If you notice something at a job that’s not technically included, but is an “easy-win,” clean it. If a coworker needs a helping hand, lend it. If you really want to rush through a job because The Bachelorette is on, don’t. The “ughs” and “no ways” don’t fit here. PS, you get what you give.

03 Have Fun: Before Sparkly, we worked in cubicles. Yes, those. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but it wasn’t for us. And, between us girls, they weren’t very fun. Now, fun isn’t exclusive to whether or not you work in an office. Heck, we work in an office. It’s about mindset. Am I “owning my life and my attitude.” You are the CEO of your experience. Not everything that seems good is good and not everything that seems bad is bad. It’s in the details. The amazingly nice note from a client, the feeling of a job well done, the sweet jams in your earbuds as you’re wiping countertops in perfect synchronicity to Journey’s, Don’t Stop Believing. What’s more fun than that?

04 Make Money: All boats rise. If a client is getting a fair and good value and the company is able to create sustainable profit, then all of our employees get to earn money. As Michael Scott in The Office says, it’s win-win-win.

04.5 Genuinely Care: We know first-hand how exhausting it can be cleaning houses. Some homes are a breeze and some might make you question your current employment. Like everything, there’s good and bad and everything in-between. So, the best candidates for Sparkly are people who have perspective and understand the persistent and passionate approach towards life really helps the person holding this belief the most. If you care, you care and you go the extra mile. And, if you care, at least you’re willing to try and show up as the best version of you. Because, who else are you going to be?



When you get into a house
+ Always check the app data before you walk-in, it changes often
+ Patience is a virtue – knock, ring door bell and wait
+ Walk-in together
+ Greet the customer with your name and that you’re from Sparkly & you can get started and they can show you around
+ If you are accessing via lockbox or garage code, still announce your presence in the home if by chance someone is there
+ Confidence is key – you’re an experienced house cleaner and you know what to do!
+ Personal phone calls and the such can wait (we understand emergencies happen)

Do’s and don’ts
+ Be polite
+ Triple check your own work
+ Offer walk throughs at the end
+ Make clients feel like they’re the only pebble on the beach (aka, make them feel important)

+ Complain to the client
+ Make the client feel like anything is their problem
+ Say you’re tired and / or you need to rush to a job
+ Re-use the same rag, towel without swapping out for a new one



Premium vs. Standard
+ Premium: baseboards, inside oven, ceiling fans + the extra time and love it takes to get accustomed to a new home’s nuances and details + all “standard” elements
+ Standard: all surfaces and floors. Bathrooms (shower, toilet, sink, mirror, light fixtures, exterior of cabinets, floors). Kitchens (stovetop, microwaves – inside and outside, exterior of cabinets, sink, exterior of appliances). Bedrooms (making beds, fluffing pillows, dusting, floors). Common areas and hallways (floors, surfaces, lightswitches).

+ Glass of windows
+ Inside fridge
+ Furniture vacuuming (but, if it looks bad, do it)
+ Inside kitchen cabinets
+ Inside bathroom cabinets

Make sure you don’t forget!
+ Top of fridge
+ Taking out trash
+ Behind a toilet
+ Lightswitches
+ Look up: ceiling fans, shower heads, corners with cobwebs
+ Look down: corners of floors, near the base of appliances, food / streaks / etc. that might require hands and knees vs. mopping

Easy wins
+ Windows or glass doors with fingerprints of children or animals
+ Making beds and fluffing pillows
+ Catching cobwebs
+ Stains / etc. on walls behind garbages

What we can’t do
+ Getting on ladders
+ Full wall washing
+ Animal feces (but can clean around litter boxes)
+ Hand-washing blinds (but can feather dust)
+ Moving heavy furniture or appliances



What if
+ Client asks for add-ons: Tell the client you’d love to help and add that on and notify us immediately. All add-ons need to be approved from Sparkly HQ with the client.
+ Client leaves out notes / notebook: Take a picture of the note and send to us.
+ You break something: Take a picture, send to us ASAP.
+ You have a questions in the middle of a cleaning: The worst questions is the one not asked!
+ You feel uncomfortable at a client’s house: Notify us immediately.
+ Client complains about a product: Explain we are essentially all green and notify us immediately.
+ Running late: Contact us at least 1 hour before your arrival window is supposed to start – we always want to get ahead of it.

Commonly asked questions by clients…
+ How long has Sparkly been around? A little under 2 years.
+ Is Sparkly a franchise? No, it’s locally-owned and independent.
+ Are you guys insured? Yes, up to $1M.
+ Can I always have you? Possibly, Sparkly has a flexible work environment and please let Crystal and Matt know.
+ What is your contact information? You never should feel pressured into giving out your information to a client.

Our products
+ Green all-purpose by Shaklee, called Basic H
+ Water / vinegar dilution
+ Toilet bowl cleaner
+ Stainless steel wipes or solution
+ Degreaser
+ Barkeeper’s Friend
+ Microfibers, sponges and steel brushes for inside ovens
+ Swiffer mops, vacuums, feather dusters and toilet brushes
+ Never use: Alcohol, Easy Off, abrasive chemicals or sponges without consulting Sparkly, products not provided and approved by Sparkly

When you’re out of supplies
+ Contact at least 3 business days before being out

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