progress not perfection in cleaning

Progress not perfection in cleaning is my latest motto with my Jeep.
So, recently I took it to get detailed. PS, I love Jeeps.

$250. Which, I have to be honest, hurt my pocketbook.

After getting it back, however, I was happy I invested the money. I was driving down the road, looking “fresh” as the kids say. I couldn’t be happier. Until, “it” happened.

Stopping at a gas station, I grabbed a water bottle and dropped it in the middle console area. That’s when I saw it. It was a bit of residue near my shifter that hadn’t been cleaned out. I was livid. Following a five minute rant, Crystal reminded me that people aren’t perfect. And, that we deal with the same thing with house cleaning (granted, we don’t charge anywhere near $250 for 50 square feet of space :).

It really got me thinking. I always want to under promise and over deliver. So, it made me wonder when am I setting us up, and more importantly, our clients up, for dishonest expectations.

As much as never missing one thing ever is my bullseye, is it fair for me to “pitch” that as a value proposition?

So, this is my confession today. We will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Especially if we have a long-term relationship. Because, we’re all trying to progress, but nobody is perfect. A bit cliché, but the idea of true heroism and value comes from how one acts in times of adversity and calamity vs. infinite bliss is a very real thing. Any house cleaning company that says their 88 point inspection list or anything else guarantees 100% perfection is being dishonest.

We’re all human and we try our best. This isn’t meant to be a cop-out, but more importantly meant to focus on what values we believe to be significant – honesty, hard work and the ability to make things right. Ultimately, we’re looking for an honest to goodness relationship. Where the good outweighs the so-called bad. So, if you’re looking for a healthy, fun and hard-working relationship with a cleaning company, give Sparkly a try. We care about our business and your happiness so much, we sweat soap, usually on Saturdays.

— Matt

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